On April 23rd and 24th, I went to Toronto to train with Sally Kay from the UK. This was her first time in Canada to train Reflexology Therapists with her innovative, award winning method of Reflexology Lymph Drainage, (RLD). This is a method that won Sally international recognition and funding to continue her research. It was proven to help with the treatment of Secondary Lymphedema that can develop after Breast Cancer Treatment. It may also be useful for other conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy and Premenstrual Fluids, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other auto=immune diseases. For more info on Sally Kay, the research studies and this the method, please go to www.reflexologylymphdrainage.co.uk.

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I am now a Medavie Blue Cross Service Provider. Please check your coverage for Naturopathy - Naturotherapy is covered through this.

I am now a Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner with the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners and Natural Medicine and Natural Medicine Council. Having this status with the board allows me to be a Medavie Blue Cross Service Provider. Please check your Blue Cross coverage as Naturotherapy is covered under Naturopathy. 

Pat Rafuse -RNP, Reiki Master

Approved Reflexology Lymph Drainage Practitioner

Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner

Green Eco Spa Certification

Palliative Care - Front Line Education- Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Registered Reflexology Therapist

Certified Theta Basic DNA Practitioner

Member of the following Associations:

RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada)

 NSARP (Nova Scotia Association of Reflexology Practitioners)

 Jikiden Reiki Association of Canada

 Canadian Reiki Association 

Canine Reiki Level 1

Professional & General Liability Insured (Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd.)

A Registered Nova Scotia Business

Eunice Ingham's,  who was often referred to as the "Mother of Reflexology", famous saying "Circulation is life, stagnation is death", can be proven by cutting off the blood supply even to the smallest part of the body. By doing this, very soon, a variety of aches and pains start to occur and the skin color starts changing. If the blockage continues, the affected part will eventually die. We also know that our hands and feet respond to cold conditions by starting to ache and this is because the cold has the effect of reducing the blood supply. Our organs and glands require a sufficient rich supply of blood to function properly.

Reflexology causes the body to relax allowing the circulatory system to do what it is designed to do and that is to keep the body working as a harmonious unit. In doing this, the body's own natural healing abilities will be able to work as needed.

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***Important Update*** 

NSARP (Nova Scotia Assoc. of Reflexology Therapist) has provided the NSTU with some information of the benefits of Reflexology therapy. We are asking all teachers, who have enjoyed this holistic therapy, to email the NSTU stating that they find the use of Reflexology very beneficial and would like to see it included in their core benefits in their next contract. Please email Joan Ling, Executive Director, NSTU at jling@staff.nstu.ca.
This is a great step forward for Reflexology Therapists.

Reiki is covered under various insurance plans in other provinces. Scientific and clinical studies have shown that Holistic Therapy to be effective in treating various ailments. It is safe, drug free and complements the traditional medical treatments. Please forward your requests to your Employer and to your Group Insurance Provider.


NSARP'S Members in good standing are now accepted as service providers with Medavie Blue Cross, Green Shield and Manulife. Please check to see if your health plan includes Reflexology Therapy. We have letters to forward to your insurance provider and to your Group Insurance Administrator if it isn't and you would like to have it added to your plan.

Sun Life Financial will honor NSARP's Members in good standing also and will reimburse claims providing their clients have either a group health plan that includes Reflexology Therapy or the client has a health spending account or the client has a personal spending account.

Do you suffer from Allergies, Environmental Issues, Migraines, Back Pain, Hormonal Imbalance "Hot Flashes", Insomnia, Stress, Poor Circulation in Hands and Feet (from Arthritis/Diabetes)? These are just a few of the symptoms Reflexology may help to relieve.

80% to 90 % of all illnesses are caused by stress. These therapies focus on a person's health by treating the whole body rather than the disease. They build on the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

Please see more info on each by clicking on the page titles above.


My belief is that good health starts from within. Our body's nerves convey impulses from the Central Nervous System to other parts of the body. This communication enables the function of the organs and the various parts of the body to work together keeping your body systems in balance with one another.  Any imbalance can cause illness or pain.

Tension for an example, can put pressure on various nerves causing messages to the organs to be impaired. This in turn often means that the organ will not function as it should. An example of this is the Tension Headache. Tension has the effect of restricing blood flow. A relaxed body facilitates a sufficiently rich supply of blood to the organs and glands enabling them to function in a more harmonious state. If they do not receive this rich supply of blood, they malfunction and lose their balancing qualities.