History:  Reflexology is a traditional Chinese medicine which dates 

back 5000 years where the Chinese used pressure points on the feet as

 a form of treatment . The earliest pictorial evidence was found in a 

tomb of a physician named Ankm'ahor at Saqqarra in Egypt, dating 

back to around 2,500 to 2330 BC. The drawings show practitioners 

massaging their patients' hands and feet. Eunice Ingham, trained as a 

remedial therapist, so she had a paramedical background. She is known

 as "the mother of reflexology" for her work on mapping each reflex 

and point of contact on the hands and feet to the various organs and 

glands of the body. 

How It Works:  The Brain and Spinal Cord makes up our Central Nervous

 System. The Nerve Ganglia branches out from our CNS to all parts of 

our body. Our body's nerves convey impulses from the Central Nervous 

System to other parts of the body. This communication enables the 

function of the organs and the various parts of the body to work 

together keeping your body systems in balance with one another. 

By applying pressure to the organ's reflex in the foot (or hand) sends 

messages along the nerve ganglia to our body's organs and to our 

brain. Any imbalance can cause illness or pain.

Benefits: Tension for instance, can put pressure on various nerves

 causing messages to the organs to be impaired. This in turn often 

means that the organ will not function as it should and an example of 

this is Tension Headache. Reflexology stimulates thousands of nerve 

endings which encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways

 relieving the pain.

Our Circulatory System supplies blood to our organs and glands. Any 

blockage of this blood flow even from the smallest part of the body will

 soon cause aches and pain and the color of the skin starts changing. 

If the blockage continues, the affected part will die. Also hands and 

feet will respond to cold conditions by starting to ache. This is because

 cold has the effect of reducing the blood supply. Organs and glands, 

that do not receive a sufficient rich supply of blood, malfunction and 

become unbalanced.