To the Manager of the Human Resources Department:

I am currently an employee of______________________________________ and a subscriber to our group health insurance plan. I am sending you this letter with the hope of enhancing our insurance plan for both of our benefit. Reflexology therapy is a commonly practiced health care profession. It is accorded the same status as the modalities of massage and physiotherapy throughout the world. Reflexology therapy takes both a therapeutic and preventative approach to health care thus resulting in a reduction in expenses due to employees needing less time for sick days and short/long term disability leave.

I have been using Reflexology therapy as an effective and cost efficient means of addressing my health concerns and maintaining my good health. I am very pleased with the results that I have experienced and know that my overall health has improved with regular treatments. I would like to have Reflexology therapy added as a benefit under our group health plan. I believe that Registered Reflexology Therapists (RRTs) should be included as service providers with our insurance company as they provide quality health care and offer an affordable means of helping to reduce absenteeism from health concerns such as illness, stress related disorders, and injuries.

Thank you.


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