Jikiden Reiki  - Jikiden means "directly passed 

down". Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi, who taught the 4 day

 seminar in Halifax in September, has been teaching

 what his mother Chiyoko had learned directly from 

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a prominent student of Dr. Usui. 

 Taking my Jikiden Training from Yamaguchi sensei 

directly, it made me 5th in lineage from Dr. Usui.

It was a privilege and a honour to learn the original 

Reiki from Mr. Yamaguchi. I obtained my Levels 1 

(Shoden) and 2 (Okuden)and am now a Registered 

Member of the Jikiden Reiki Association of Canada.


It is an art of healing energy founded by Mr. Usui. 

With the laying of the hands on a client, energy is 

transmitted by way of the practitioner to the client 

going where it is needed. It is beneficial for many 

health conditions plus strengthens the immune 

system to maintain good health. Please see "Reiki" 

page for more details on the benefits.