I traveled to Toronto in June and September this past summer (2017), for a 2 part certificate training in Sound Therapy that was being offered by the Institute of Traditional Medicine.

Using Sound to help with healing is not a new modality. Like most of 

the holistic therapies being practiced today, it dates back hundreds to 

thousands of years. People are more conscious now of their health and

 what medicine they are taking for different ailments and what the

 side effects are. 

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration and every object and

 person has their own optimal vibration. A healthy person has their own

 premium vibration frequency and when the organs and cells vibration 

are in harmony, they are centered, grounded and present. Dis-harmony 

can cause dis-ease.

Our body is 70% water. Sound travels faster in water than in air. Ripple

 effect is sound travels well within our body.

I use Frosted Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls in my sessions. They are 

99.9% pure crushed quartz and were heated to 4000 degrees. Because 

the body contains crystalline in the bones, DNA, blood and even in the

 brain and silica in the cells, the bowl has shown to put the brain into 

the alpha state (deep relaxation) and the sound resonates thru out the 

whole body removing any blockages and bringing it back into balance 

and harmony.

Tuning Forks: Set a vibration within the body. 

I use the 128HZ OTTO weighted fork which vibrates a Perfect 5th for 

balancing the nervous system (signalling it to relax). It creates a 

vibration pulse or wave thru out the body and acts thru tissue vibration

 causing the Nitric Oxide to be released. This is a natural muscle and 

nerve relaxant. The other fork is the Om fork and it is used for anxiety,

depression, stress, headaches, fatigue and sleeplessness. Using the 2 

together reduces the inflammation that can cause joint and muscle 


The 2nd set of Forks I have are Energy Tuners and are used to remove

 blockages in your energy field.

Hand Drum: The drumming resonates with the heart. I use the Chakra 

chant along with the drumming to open the 7 Chakras. Drumming and 

Chanting helps alter the state of consciousness and releases stress.

Interesting Facts:

Ultrasound is being used to break up kidney stones, plague on teeth and clear clogged arteries.

New Research has discovered that when you find the resonant frequency of a cell, it will open up to receive energy and if you turn up the volume of this frequency,the cell will explode.

New specific medical techniques are being developed to destroy diseased cells with no side effects. Fascinating stuff!